Emgo Classic Shocks All Black Eye / Eye 335mm 60-1663B

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Emgo Classic Shocks All Black
Eye / Eye 335mm

  • Restore handling performance due to worn shocks and springs
  • Multistage valves control fluid during compression and extension
  • Hydraulic rebound stop helps control harsh "topping out" on the extension stroke
  • Chrome plated dual springs included
  • Available in eyelet top mount and eyelet or clevis bottom mount configurations
  • Sold in pairs, supplied with 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm bushings

Fits the following models:

Kawasaki KZ550 DI GPz 1981
Kawasaki KZ550 A1-A3 1980-1982
Kawasaki KZ750 E H R 1980-1983
Kawasaki KZ900 A B 1976
Kawasaki Z1 Z2 1973-1975
Kawasaki KZ1000 A B D E R M 1977-1983
Kawasaki KZ1100 A B L 1981-1983
Suzuki GS300 1983-1985
Suzuki GN400 1980-1982
Suzuki GS425 1979
Suzuki GS450 1980-1983
Suzuki GS550 1977-1982
Suzuki GS650 EX GLX 1981
Suzuki GS850 1978-1982
Suzuki GS1100 GLZ GLD 1982-1983
Yamaha RD250 1973-1975
Yamaha RD350 1973-1975

Yamaha XS360 1976-1977
Yamaha  TX650 1973-1974