K&L Front Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit Kawasaki 32-8052

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Kawasaki K&L Front Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit 
  • High quality kit is an O.E.M. replacement.
  • Kit contains all the necessary components to completely rebuild the master cylinder.
  • Replaces Kawasaki OEM 43073-001

Fits Kawasaki Front:
KZ550 D1 GPz '81
KZ750 E1/E2/E3 '80-'82
KZ750 H1/H2/H3/H4 LTD (4-cyl.)'80-'83
KZ1000 A3/A3A/A4 MK II '79-'80
KZ1000 B2/B3/B4 LTD '78-'80
KZ1000 C1/C1A~C4 Police '78-'81
KZ1000 E1/E2 Shaft ST '79-'80
KZ1000 G1 LTD Classic '80
KZ1000 J1/J2 '81-'82
KZ1000 M1/M2 CSR '81-'82
KZ1000 P1~P10 Police '82-'91
KZ1100 A1/A2 Shaft '81-'82
KZ1100 A3 Shaft '83
KZ1100 B1 GPz '81
KZ1300 A1/A2/A3/A4 '